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NEW BOOK: I’m A Good Driver — Right? 

Mel Mottram, M.A.

What’s in the book?
The book covers 6 driving related safety issues with a particular focus on attitudes towards driving. The six issues include: perception time; cell phones and driving; driver fatigue; seatbelt use; emotions and driving; and finally, road rage.

Who is the book for? 
For any person who drives a vehicle.

Why read the book? 
It’s informative; it’s enlightening, and it is entertaining. But more importantly, if one person reads the book and makes one small change in the driving attitude, then everyone wins — companies, families, the driver — everyone.

What is the cost of the book? 
Please contact us for pricing.

Accompanying Presentation: 
A one hour speaker presentation on the same topic is a perfect compliment to the book. It’s a great way to give your people the incentive to read the book and to look at their driving attitudes.

Fees for Presentations: 
Day rates dependent upon location(s) and number of sessions per day.