Driver Attitude Management

The biggest problem on the road is the driver, more specifically the driver’s attitude.  Since 85% of all collisions are the result of human error, this means that with the right attitude better drivers could save over 340 lives every year in Alberta, save your organization hard earned dollars in reduced collisions, as well as saving tax payers almost $3 BILLION per year.  By using class participation, exercises to identify attitude problems, a hard hitting video, a new audio exercise, participants learn to identify their problem(s), recognize the consequences, and find out how to adjust their driving attitude.  This is a new, cutting edge, course using a behavioral approach to improve driving and save lives.

Course Duration:   4 hours


1) Assess your driving attitude and behaviour(s)

2) Achieve a degree of self-awareness of the consequences of a poor driver attitude

3) Promote responsibility for your driving via self-awareness

4) Remove poor driving attitudes