In Vehicle Evaluations

How safe a driver are you or your employees?  The focus of In-car evaluations is not on what you know but on what you do.  Particular emphasis is placed on: starting and stopping, steering, signaling, reversing, turning, passing and following, speed, traffic lights, road regulations, and attitude.  In car evaluations consists of a 45 to 50 minute (longer for larger vehicles) coaching and evaluation period.  Participants are given demerits points at the time of a driver error and inform at that time exactly what the error was.  If they repeat the error, they are given further demerits and again informed about their error.  Clients receive a summary sheet of each person’s errors as well as a short written sheet on the strengths and areas for improvement of each driver. 

A similar course is also available for Classes I, II, and III vehicles.


A 10 minutes introduction followed by a 45 minutes in-vehicle evaluation.  Each evaluation is conducted individually.

Equipment required:

Own, or company, vehicle.
Vehicles must be arranged well ahead of evaluation date(s).

Minimum                      4 in Edmonton              8 out side of Edmonton

Maximum                     9 to 12 (depending on duration of individual session)*

                                    (*NB:  Multiple instructors can also be used for larger groups)