We offer a wide variety of seminars for both workshops, keynote speaking, lunch or breakfast talks, or safety meetings. 

Some of our more popular speaker topics include:

  • “Attitude — Who Me?”
  • “Hurry, Hurry, Wait — Why People Take Short Cuts”
  • “So You Think You’re a Good Driver — Right?”
  • “Dealing With Difficult People”
  • “Winning With Attitude”
  • “Winter Driving”
  • “Avoiding Bear Encounters”
  • “Alcohol In The Workplace”
  • “Nodding Off, Cell Phones, and Other Fun Driving Events”

NB: Durations vary dependent upon client’s Needs

Some of our ½ Day or Full Day Seminars include:

  • Incident Investigation (1 or 2 day)
  • Dealing With Difficult People
  • Improve Your Presentation:  How To Make Sure People Understand Your Message
  • How To Become A Better Trainer/Facilitator